Anniversary Night Recap

It was the perfect night - as we knew it would be. The evening was exactly what this couple needed to celebrate their 6-year-anniversary. After careful consideration, we decided on an evening that was typical for us. We went to our usual sushi place in Union Square - and instead of going to see King's Speech, even though I knew it would win the Oscar, we walked. And walked some more - for almost 3 hours.

It was a quintessential winter evening, and what we wanted, more than anything, was to be together among the streets of New York City. Like many nights before. Like many nights to come. We meandered through Union Square and down to the East Village and the Lower East Side. We stopped in some random bars and decided not to stay in any, preferring to walk arm-in-arm through the bustling Saturday night streets.

We had to get home by midnight, so we walked in 11:59pm - not a minute sooner. We were smiling, having just celebrated [US] perfectly.


shana said...

this is very sweet. Happy anniversary to you two and wishing you a lifetime of happiness, peace and LOVE! xo

heartseverywhere said...

Thanks Shana. Funny you chose to comment on this of all things - I guess you related. Some other time, read some of my "real" pieces. Maybe not always "sweet" but sometimes, rather ... dare I say, poignant (or even, gasp - inspirational).